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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th, and the Honey Moon

So it's Friday the 13th, and a Full Moon? In June? Do you believe in Luck? Do you think "13" could be unlucky? Are you spooked by this whole phenomenon? Last time we had a Friday the 13th and a Full Moon, it was in 2000, the 'millenium,' and last time, we had the two coupled, in June was back in the beginning of the 20th century, big probability...
And what about the Moon, is it possible that it's gravitational pull changes our behavior, like it effects the oceans and the tides? Is that possible, is that called, anxiety? The words lunatic and lunacy come from the lunar, the Latin word for moon. June is called the 'Honey Moon," because of its color and the popularity of weddings held during the month. A wedding is said to be the happiest and brightest time in a relationship, get where it's all coming from? And did you know, a little FYI, that Eden offered up that tempting apple to Adam, on non other than "Friday the 13th, and would you believe it was in June?" Coincidence? No way...
I have written so many posts about Friday the 13th before, but it never seems to get old. Whether it is all superstition, coincidence, black and white, witch or mortal, we all have to muddle thru the mud, yaya, push thru, trudge, use that gravitational force, muscle, brain power, hocus pocus, to our advantage. Do a handstand, fly in opposite directions, bully up to that werewolf, use the moonlight/honey moonlight to your advantage. Luck, don't bother waiting around for it, start making your own. If you want something, make it happen, what's the worse that can happen? He doesn't like apples? Pull those big girl panties up, big boy boots on, put on your hat, dig in those heels, yaya dearie, you can fly, you have the power. Don't be afraid of any ole day!

Seen from across the globe, the Full Moon, 
Perhaps, Abagail? Xoxo

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blood Moon, Delicious...

The Blood Moon is tonight, how delicious, the total eclipse of the sun, sound familiar? Or does it sound scary? The Moon is passing through the Earth's shadow. The moon and the sun are on opposite sides of  Mother Earth. The alignment is so perfect that Earth will block out the suns light as the moon goes completely dark, as it goes through the moon stages, and slides behind the earth shadow. Amazing

Tonight's Full Moon should bring more energy from the upward and expanding force. Creativity, productivity, and motivation is brewing, I hope you have that kettle still steaming. Be sure to stay conscious of others around you, the full moon has an 'effect' on anyone, anything, even the weather. Don't second guess anything, dearie.

North America should have a good view of tonight's eclipse, hopefully the clouds will part and the stars will shine, so get a warm throw, a good cup of joe, and a comfy seat. This is the first of four eclipses to take place in the next two years. Coincidence or not, check your horoscope.

Show should start around midnight, how apropos. If you are adventurous get out your broom for an up front view, see ya out there. It's going to be a Good Night, yaya...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Witch's Advice on Love...

Sometimes we all get frustrated with little things in life and we need to blow off our steam, get our brooms out and sweep, get rid of that bad energy.  We may feel depressed, we can blame it on almost anything, dare we think lonely, but how often do we look into the mirror? Could we be are own culprit? Oh no, never, we are so perfect, we do 'everything' so right, on time, who's better than us? No one, we have to put ourselves on top, right? We have to keep that confidence, without building those walls, and remembering to keep it real, dearie, yaya you're going no where with an attitude, let the wind blow…Maybe its time to look at the big picture.

So I, may be no expert on Love, but who is? We all want love, companionship, but how can we find it? Do you feel confident investing in a love potion? I know, sounds a bit sketchy, better switch to Plan B. Can you open your heart, just a bit? How exactly do you do that? You have to let some one Love you. It may not be Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, and it may not be the Gorgeous Movie/Rock Star you fantasize over; and btw the Hot Warlock that lives next door/down the street to you, I'm sure he's taken. In order to find love, you have to look beyond the superficial fluff, it's all about the really important stuff, meaningful things, you can't take away. Give peeps a chance, remember everyone has faults. See the best in yourself and others as well, know what you're looking for.  You can give a bit of positive reinforcement, yaya, be nice when you find it, no worries, you'll survive; you may even loose that light shade of green. It's a two way street, even when you fly. It feels good to be held, hugged, it feels good to be loved, smile, and let someone love you. So don't get hung up, nothing is perfect, or is it? It could be right under your nose…

Next thing, you'll really be flying, xoxo

Friday, January 17, 2014

Witch Adds Spice 2014

So here we are two weeks into 2014, New Year, new you? Maybe not so fast...

As I have said before, expect no miracles, when they happen rejoice, you have truly hit lotto, thank your closest angels, spirits, whomever. Otherwise, you want spice, take it from a Witch, be realistic, snap to it and get with the program. Add a little cinnamon to your 'joe,' Starbucks even supplies it, red pepper in your gravy, duck sauce on your chicken strips (yaya Larabee), some extra heat on those ribs, and always an extra pinch or two here and there...life stands still for no one.

Every year when asked about resolutions, I always say, I'm giving up smoking. Not that I smoke, but just to go along with the program, my daughter, Abagail tells me I'm ridiculous, I like that.  I don't lie, I don't cheat, but I will have dessert once in awhile, I'm a true believer in we all got to live.  When you have a broom, your not fighting for parking spaces at the mall, you've heard the old 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. So give it  up the struggle and relax alittle, don't be so worried about how you are going to better your life this year, by how much more money you're going to make, how you're going to lose xx pounds, how you're going to get ahead, etc., granted some of us have it better than others, and still aren't happy; start apprectiating what you have, how good you have it, and just start living it. Life can be good, sunny days, weekends and all, just to start, you have to open your eyes.

When you come to a fork in the road and the right fork looks well travelled, but the left has a caution sign, witch fork in road would you take? Is your life full of laughter and tears or are you more concerned with a safety net? Both paths take us to the end of the day...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Witches Prediction for 2014

As the New Year approaches, I hate to be 'Dixie Downer,' but let's be realistic, don't expect miracles in 2014. You can't save the world, no matter how powerful you are. The best you can do, is worry about the peeps who worry and love you. But, worrying will only drive you crazy, keep you up dearie, me too, I have visitors telling me to stop worrying. I don't want to end up with a worry wart at the end of my nose, do you?

So this year, forget the worrying, and the resolutions. Let's face it, been there, done that, over it, we have all beat it with our broom way too many times. Each day, do something good for someone you love, who loves you, maybe just a simple phone call, a hug, bring them coffee, or do something for your yourself. You know, reach out and touch someone, within reason, be nice.  Remember karma always comes back.

Happy New Year!! xoxo

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Witch's Christmas

It's 25th day in December, I have pots boiling on my stove, my daughter and I are constantly stirring the pots, adding ingredients, some new, some experimental, hey you never know, if nothing else, it only makes the sauce a bit richer, or should I say more potent?  There is a bit of a mess in side, but honestly I can't be bothered right now,  I'm thinking about last night, when my entire family gathered for the "Eve" celebration, witch my Mom magically cultivated, a wonderful dinner, my dad standing by 'directing' in his own way, is he a warlock? I take the Fifth. We are truly blessed, I totally believe, life is so good. Take nothing for granted, count your blessings, never gloat, because, like the Threefold Rule, it will all come back to you and me.

Sisters, witches, warlocks, really do stick together, hand in hand, broom to broom, are you with us, we are family forever, you choose. Cherish what you have, dearie, it's not getting better than this, Santa was here and left, eight reindeer, too. Reminding us, the comforts and the joys of the holiday, and the value of our family and friends. If you're going to stand around and wait for something better, you're going to miss the whole holiday. This is the time to be happy, even if I call you a "Witch."

Believe in the magic of Christmas, yes there definitely is a Santa Claus.  Even at my age, I still have to believe…xoxo

If you don't believe, you'll 'never' witness the magic. Merry Christmas

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th, Crystal in Hand

So here we are in the thick of the Holiday frenzy, talk about "overwhelming," woo wee, keep those Carolers singing, even if they are just singing to you, my dear. My piano plays just for me you know what I'm saying?? All the planning, decorating, and of course the shopping, it just never ends, the bottom less pit, or should I say the hopeful magic wallet? And the shoppers have the wonderful mindset, looking for the perfect gifts not only for their loved ones, but for themselves; fitting rooms are busy, 'and by the way, I'll take one of these also, no need to wrap it,' get the gist of it?  As long as we all stay in good spirits, one way or another, we are all good, I say.

But now in the midst of all this we have hit another Friday the 13th, witch, has been a bit of chatter about.  Although, 'Witches' do not believe in luck, we rather feel you create your own, this 12/12/13 may be your unluckiest, luckiest day ever, since I am your perpetual optimist. Sometime today, before midnight, you must bury a crystal, broken or whole in your backyard. If you live in the city, bury it in a plant, or throw it in the river, whatever works for you, dear. Look to the sky, raise your hands up, and take a deep breathe, it doesn't matter how cold it is. Your on your way, on your happy path…now that's a gift...