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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do You Have Nine Lives?

So we have heard time and time again about cats having "nine lives," so I have to go with the faith that all animals would have the same nine lives, why not? Why just felines? It couldn't just be a specific cat line, i. e. Persian, the actual range, span of "cats" is quite vast, and if we are going to include all "cats" we may as well include all four legged animals, and if we are including all four legged animals, we may as well include all animals, and so on and so on. Why discriminate? Nine lives is nine lives, with or without a potion.

Witches and Warlocks are forever, but what about you, my friend? I bet you have nine lives and you don't even know it, or do you? Maybe its time you start looking that gift horse in the face. How many times has disaster, complications, close calls, near misses, OMG's crossed your path? Those earth shattering moments, some even predictable, child being born, marriages, divorces, and deaths. And then somehow, you, bounce back? It's a miracle? Made it through? Unbelievable? Still standing? Survived the storm, super storm? Time to take a deep breathe, fill your lungs, open the window, the gates are opening, or are they closing, you made it, landed on all fours, on your feet, eyes focused straight ahead, it's a new day, or is it a new Life? Coincidence, never, my dear, if you still believe in mere Chance, go back to your board games. Everything in life happens for a specific reason, start reading the signs, and learn their meaning. Find that strength, be strong, push forward, keep the faith, take nothing for granted, for all will be lost; and love everyday, it's all up to you. You fought the fight, not the flight. My hat's off to you! And if you are at all interested in going beyond nine lives, get a broom. Skip the flying lessons, like I said earlier, "Nine lives, is nine lives."

We Brookville Witches are definitely dog peeps, and wow, bow wow, do they prove time and time again, to have nine lives.  Xo

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