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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Witch and 2013

Well, here we are, well on our on way into 2013, stop analyzing, or you have missed the broom ride. My new motto for the year, 'Life is a Witch, and then you Fly.' January 13th, 1/13/13 came and went, good rittens to that, not biggie, haven't we have enough of the "numbers," being practically shoved down our throat, hence 12/12/12 and every other combination? You want numbers, play Lotto my friend. Box cars, have come and gone, they were good, bad and ugly, and uglier, see ya next century and that will be too soon. Many, including moi, are still cleaning up from those ugly twelves, but they make us bigger, better and stronger for the thirteen ahead. And what about the thirteen ahead?

Thirteen is six plus seven; twelve plus one; twenty minus seven; thirteen miles away, and have you ever clocked what is thirteen miles away, you'd be very surprised; a warlocks shoe size; a child's shoe size, wicked, before it changes to a size one. To those of you a bit superstitious, need I go into details??? And to the spiritual followers, thirteen is way beyond coincidence, Good Friday, dearie, check back on prior Friday the Thirteen Posts. This special number can represent the snake, clean and pure, as well as Satan, suffering, death, and murder. It is perhaps the only number that brings anxiety, but it will also brings change as cycles, years, time moves to the unknown, to a new paths, doors, opportunity, experiences.

The Thirteenth Mystery of the Tarot is unnamed. There is always uncertainty, hesitation, just like this year, perhaps because of 2012. We can't live being afraid, weak minded, superstitious to a degree, especially in a year that ends in thirteen. This is about 'you,' the end of something and the beginning of something fabulous, that change, the makeover, revamp, improvement, renewal. Watch out, spells, potions, we just can't help ourselves, witch or not, there is no holding back, time is a wasting, we are better than ever, this year is about YOU! and me. Are you ready?

Ivy, Happy Birthday! She went "Off the Grid!" that's right, it's all about you, this year, way to go! xoxo

Another Friday the 13th…
Happy !3th…Witches
Friday the 13th, Spell Reliever
Yaya, Friday the 13th!!!

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