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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Witch, It's Almost Thirteen Today

So, it's the end of January, believe it or not, the thirty-first, but it is way more than that. So many peeps can feel it, can't you feel the vibe? Yaya, 1/31/13, a real numbers day, a crazy day, lots of pent of energy. If you are getting the jitters, getting blown away by todays wicked wind, take a deep breathe, look to the sky, click your heels, and go, you have it nothing to be afraid of, least of all, a silly thirteen, a powerful and magical thirteen. Stand up to it, it's not Friday, dearie, your weren't born a black cat, or were you? It's a waning moon tonight, no one will be lurking in shadows as evening falls. Make sure you take care of yourself today, promise you make time for yourself, it will pay forward. Bring out your broom, skies will be clear, moon will still be bright, and the tail wind will be more than perfect, it will take you where ever your heart yearns. Enjoy your evening. Xoxo

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