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Friday, February 22, 2013

Are Witches Really, Real?

And does it really matter? It seems many have become, so obsessed? OCD, with the designers and labels. Obviously, somethings matter, the big stuff, you know, big, huge stuff; don't play with me, it had better be real, or you are not making it out my front door, dearie. Materialistic items, well, I don't like to have the wool pulled over my eyes, unless its cashmere, and even then, I hate all those little fuzzies that get stuck on my eyelashes; so, no, nada, you best not mess with this witch. When it comes to peeps, is there anyone out there, who likes a phony? A fake? Hypocrite? We all know about first impression, but don't go overboard, be true to yourself, yaya, shake it off, ya know what I mean? Don't try to impress me with all that mumbo jumbo; hocus pocus, maybe...

Maybe it doesn't matter if the tomato sauce is not so homemade one night, after you had a crazy day, and maybe the three dozen cupcakes for your daughters' birthday aren't homemade, because you completely forgot, and it's a matter of opinion if the local bakery tastes better (and looks better) than what you have time to whip up, (definitely better than moi, hey, at least I'm honest!) So it is really okay, to fudge, spice, add a potion, a spell, a little help here and there, a bit of cosmetics along the way, as long as we keep to the basic fundamentals. I hope you are following me, here. Nothing, and nobody is ever perfect, although so many of us so strive for that ultimate goal, as long as you can keep it, the whole package together, without a total meltdown. But, there are so many other factors, ingredients that go into the mix, the kettle will never come to a full boil without them all, total commitment, integrity, personal courage, and honesty. Yaya dearie, be who you are, don't be afraid of yourself, be real, go for the broom, it matters.

So, are we real? I am as real as my mom, and my daughter who I put on this earth. I am as real as the sun and moon is the sky, most nights. I believe in myself, I believe in karma, I believe in love, I believe in hard work, and I believe in you. And I believe in magic, sounds pretty realistic to me. Any questions?

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