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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Witch's Compromise

One day, you would give it all for someone, it's so real, and then it's gone, complete 360, poof! Total Houdini. Is it life? A dream, did you wake up, or did you stop believing? The balls were in the air, one second, and then they are rolling behind a lifeless tree, and you make no effort to pick them up. You can't breathe, your suffocating, the music stopped, even the beautiful player piano. But wait, hold on, not the magic, it never stops, like, the Everlast Bunny, it keeps on going. The magic comes from within, from you, from me. Look in the mirror, beyond your eyes, through the moon deeply hidden, into your soul, we can find that strength, that power to get through our struggles, carry our big sticks, brooms, kettles, use two hands when you need two; and prove to ourselves, lest the world, how mighty we are. Remember, you can grumble all you want, but you, get nothing out of being mad, get over it dearie.

Perhaps our best friends, lovers, whomever, are gone, reason, can't figure it out, and it takes way more than powers to uncover this mystery, maybe James Bond, yaya, hearts are hurting, but they do mend.  A little TLC, massage, mani-pedi, new pair of boots, night out with the girls, and extra time with your daughter/family if they don't drive you too loony. Get out the big book, dearie, have a cup of tea, spoonful of xxx and put an umbrella in it, cocktail, whatever you call it and put your feet up.

FYI The more you think about them, the less they think about you, and visca verca, but somewhere in the middle there is a meeting of the minds, a mental connection, mental telepathy, an electrical current, spiritual, let it flow. Let them have their space, relax, light a candle, think about it. Let their minds stew, like my kettle, no potion needed, and in no time they will have ants in their pants.

Now its up to you, brooms are made for flying, boots are made for walking, hard as nails? Like I said, 'get over it,' life is a compromise, my dear...

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