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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Witch's Power

The true basics, nitty gritty about being a "witch" lies in believing and of course, your 'Power.' I know, I have said this before, but I cannot stress this enough, you have to believe so hard, that it becomes part of you, your nature, it overcomes you, yaya, it grows like "Ivy." Witches, believe in what we love, what we want, and what we create. We take our strength and become so passionate, we are head strong, that's why we need those pointy hats. We believe so hard, we are driven, our dreams take over, they become us. We can't stop thinking, breathing, living every moment, until we find our true power. And then, we keep reaching, striving for more, not that we are not satisfied, no, we feel we have the gift, the magic, the power. We are survivors first and foremost, we can do what ever we set our hearts on, whether it be love and children or business. Keep at it, never give up, nothing is impossible, Glenda believed in the Great Oz, who didn't have faith in himself.

We Witches are a strong group, we can truly run the world, from contractors to doctors to designers to writers to "great design bakers" to lawyers to dignitaries to the greatest moms and negotiators, who never tire and always roll with the punches and can come back strong and keep smiling, ok maybe with a few, (no not tricks, we're not magicians, silly), up our sleeves, and a pinch of this and a shot of that, but whose counting? These days, it's all about the 'extras'…just stay on track and keep believing dearie, soon your broom will take you where you want to go.

Way to Go, Ivy Xoxo

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  1. Well put! Blessit be..so mote it be !