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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Witches get a Bad Rap...

 A tidbit from an insider, "All women are angels, but if you break their wings they can still fly, but trust me, you so not want to see them on a broom."

Witches are Evil
All witches are pissed off
Broken Angels are Witches
Witches, all have a vengeance
You can't ride a broom and be 'happy'
No joy riding here
No fun, being a Witch
All women are Angels? Really?
I think this is giving the broom, a bad rap…

An Angels' Wings can never be broken, they are well protected, and well built, maybe by a manufacturer better than John Deere. Perhaps, the author is not speaking of angels, but of mere mortals, so good. Many mortals, may be innocent, even angelic, and easily crushed, and how quickly they turn into little demons, huh, I suppose children get lessons, and mimic. However, to put these mortals on a broom and compare them to a Witch, is totally not fair, tisk, tisk, need I say, we are Witches of the East, not all green, wicked and from Oz.

And besides, are you mortals, mice or women? Stand up for yourself! Totally preposterous, be strong, go ahead, kick some dirt in their face, so what, if you get a bit soiled? How dare you allow someone to come close to breaking anything, let alone your wings! Fight girls! Remember you get more with honey, spice, and a tad of newt…

Nothing personal Fiona xoxo

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