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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hypnotized by the Moon

Another Full Moon, I never tire looking at it, as it fills the nights sky in the early evening, guides us and somehow provides safety all night.  Even when you're expecting it, it's always so brilliant and bright. We stare and gaze, as if the moon is going to tell us something, reveal some secret, but, it's the comfort, of being there for us. What does it mean? What does it mean to you? Good things happen when there is a full moon, yaya, babes are born, but what else? We are all looking for something. We all live in this crazy, nonstop, moving world. We don't stop, it's the lives we lead, mortal or not. We have traditions, some more formal, but sometimes we need to take a breather and take five, better make it ten or twenty. Exactly the case just the other night, I picked up my mom after work, and attempted to get to the city to pick up my darling Abagail and bring her home for the weekend. The whole ride was rush, rush, rush, oh the traffic, makes your hair grey, yaya, get me another Starbuckaroos, no, no decaf for me. But, on the way home, the moon was so spectacular in the sky, every one's mood changed, even mine, amazing.

I knew it was going to be a full moon, I am a witch, daa, mom, too. But I couldn't keep my eyes off of it as it seemed to follow me on the ride home, I was hypnotized. My mom, likewise was commenting on it, it looked, 'like a harvest moon' so yellow in the sky. Larabee called my mom, to tell her to look at the moon, even little Devin, had something to say about the moon, and she usually skips related subjects. Abagail had to talk to Larabee about the moon, the ride home was all about the gorgeous moon.

The moon gives off good energy, we have to take that energy, and use it wisely. We are all very smart, when we want something, we are persistent. Listen to reason dear, but be persistent. Patience may be another story. You have to remember to give back, or else it is like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight, you take more than you bargained for. Karma comes back, always will, like the moon, like your traditions and bounds. Hold on tight to those near, they come full circle, love, it's up to us, you get what you give, huh, can't miss that moon.

Sleep well, fly free, be safe, love.

PS April 25th, a beautiful night xoxo

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