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Friday, January 17, 2014

Witch Adds Spice 2014

So here we are two weeks into 2014, New Year, new you? Maybe not so fast...

As I have said before, expect no miracles, when they happen rejoice, you have truly hit lotto, thank your closest angels, spirits, whomever. Otherwise, you want spice, take it from a Witch, be realistic, snap to it and get with the program. Add a little cinnamon to your 'joe,' Starbucks even supplies it, red pepper in your gravy, duck sauce on your chicken strips (yaya Larabee), some extra heat on those ribs, and always an extra pinch or two here and there...life stands still for no one.

Every year when asked about resolutions, I always say, I'm giving up smoking. Not that I smoke, but just to go along with the program, my daughter, Abagail tells me I'm ridiculous, I like that.  I don't lie, I don't cheat, but I will have dessert once in awhile, I'm a true believer in we all got to live.  When you have a broom, your not fighting for parking spaces at the mall, you've heard the old 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. So give it  up the struggle and relax alittle, don't be so worried about how you are going to better your life this year, by how much more money you're going to make, how you're going to lose xx pounds, how you're going to get ahead, etc., granted some of us have it better than others, and still aren't happy; start apprectiating what you have, how good you have it, and just start living it. Life can be good, sunny days, weekends and all, just to start, you have to open your eyes.

When you come to a fork in the road and the right fork looks well travelled, but the left has a caution sign, witch fork in road would you take? Is your life full of laughter and tears or are you more concerned with a safety net? Both paths take us to the end of the day...

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